Laser Hair Removal

Treating Unwanted Hair Growth the Professional Way

From the moment that we are born, our bodies are covered in a fine layer of hair follicles that grow as we age. This process can take years, but once puberty sets in the potential for hairs to suddenly switch from light and transparent to dark and thick can be a problem for many people. Our legs and underarms are two of the most effected regions on our bodies.

Our follicles do serve a purpose, and that’s to protect our skin whilst trapping dirt and bacteria. Even with these seemingly beneficial aspects, it’s not uncommon for men and women to want to remove their excess hair – whether it be for comfort, or for aesthetic purposes. As simple as hair removal might seem there’s on factor that many adults discover a little too late; and that’s once a location has been waxed, shaved, or plucked – the hairs will soon grow back with even more vigour than anticipated.

Longer-term solutions

In the battle to keep unwanted hair at bay, there are just a few particular options available. One of them has a guaranteed success rate, whilst being wholly comfortable and posing minimal risk to the skin. This option is laser hair treatment and a good laser hair removal salon will be able to address any amount of hair directly at the root, before killing the productive cell and offering a hair-free surface.

The treatments can be very affordable and offer a life-time guarantee. Unlike waxing or plucking this type of treatment is considered permanent, as it will actually eliminate the potential for hair follicles to grow within a pore. By modifying the strength of the laser, the therapy can be applied to a variety of dermal services from legs, knees and ankles, all the way to genital regions such as the pubic mound and sensitive underarm areas, as well as the face.